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I am trying to have the kiosk auto load a simple IIS webpage on startup, it is internal to our company and uses the domain username and password for authentication. It is asking for the username and password every time it loads the website and once you put in the user/pass, the same that it is using to login to windows, it will load the website. What am I missing to get that working all at once.

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Re: Website Authentication 5/14/2024 9:45 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. It seems that you are referring to Windows Authentication that the website (IIS) is not detecting while signed into that user. Is there a backend setting, on the site that has the settings to allow this user account when signed into Windows?

This should also work with traditional SSO (Kerberos) but most organizations have switched over to Azure SSO and so you will need to follow the steps here:

If you are using SiteKiosk Classic, Azure SSO is not compatible, and you will be prompted for the login popup. If the login is web based (HTML), then it might be automated by coding (JavaScript, CSS, etc). More details can be shared later on this point.

If I have misunderstood the nature of the issue, you can clarify here or provide more details by email: support-america(at)

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