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Is it possible to display the web browser in IE compatibility mode in SiteKiosk online? We are migrating from SiteKiosk Classic to SiteKiosk Online and have some web sites that need to run in compatibility mode.

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Re: IE compatibility view for SiteKiosk Online 5/16/2024 3:22 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. Currently, it is not possible with SiteKiosk Online due to the changes Microsoft made to using IE. Now, Microsoft requires that you set the right permissions to reload your page in IE mode using Edge. See this link:

You can launch Edge as an application, but you will need to provide security arrangements for downloads, URLs and other restrictions SiteKiosk is unable to enforce on that application. You can find the FAQ on allowing Edge (as an application) in the project and under the restricted user:

For testing purposes, there is an experimental feature to launch Edge engine runtime with SiteKiosk Online version 1.4.x. Go to Project Settings>>Advanced, in your project, and use the "Add setting" button. Then add "system.browser.engine" at Path and select "Edge" on the drop down. Save and Publish the project to test. This may not work because Microsoft requires reauthorization of the website to be viewed in IE mode with Edge at certain intervals.

Ultimately, you may check with your service vendor if there is an HTML5 version of the service that currently requires IE, so that you will not need to use IE anymore. Or you can continue to use SiteKiosk Classic on a dedicated device.

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Re: IE compatibility view for SiteKiosk Online 5/16/2024 3:25 PM
Thank you for the quick response. I will need to reach out to the vendor.
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