Support Request: Sitekiosk Online Android fullscreen domain


I'm trying to configure as usual a full screen domain *://*

But it does not work.
I try to put my homepage in fullscreen but same result.

Is there a new way to administrate fullscreen domain on SiteKiosk Online or is there an issue with this feature on Android ?


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Re: Sitekiosk Online Android fullscreen domain 5/27/2024 5:52 PM
if you want the browser element to be fullscreen, no matter if the client is Android or Windows, you need to have the browser UI switch in the properties of the element set to off.
In case you are referring to the option "URLs in full screen mode" from the general project settings to only show specific web pages in full screen mode, while others are shown with browser elements, then this option is currently only available to SiteKiosk Online Windows clients (indicated by the Windows icon next to the option).
Re: Sitekiosk Online Android fullscreen domain 5/28/2024 8:54 AM

Ok, it's clear, no problem.

Thank you
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