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I have a new Android tablet running Android 13. I purchased a new license and received the license code. However, every time I try to register the new machine it denies the registration. Why is this happening? I've been trying for several hours and have followed all of the directions perfectly but it won't let me register.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Cannot Register Machine 6/10/2024 4:32 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. First ensure the license is for the right product. Check the license document and invoice again (do not disclose here). The SiteKiosk Classic Android license is the be entered without the dash (hyphen) and needs internet connection.

There is a possibility you were given a SiteKiosk Online license. That is to be activated on the server under Team>>Licensing and the client APK can be found in Dashboard>>Downloads.

Even though Android 13 is currently not officially supported, you should be able to register the software if it was installed and able to run successfully.

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Re: Cannot Register Machine 6/10/2024 7:06 PM
Thank you for the response.

My receipt states this: SiteKiosk Server Cloud Annual Plan...
The other document states this: License Certificate
SiteRemote + SiteCaster

On the Android device it says SiteKiosk is "Registered Version"

When I try to register the machine it continually states: "The SiteRemote Server rejected your request".

I'm not sure what to do now. It's incredibly frustrating and I've wasted a ton of time on this.
Before asking for a refund, is there anything else I can do??

Re: Cannot Register Machine 6/10/2024 7:19 PM

Thank you for the update. It seems that you may be replacing a device and your current license on SiteRemote only supports 1 device at a time. You can delete the device currently listed in Monitoring>>Treeview (right click delete). Also, you may need to remove it from Waste Bin as well.

Try the login again. The Android connection to SiteRemote requires port 5222. When registering through the app, you can leave the default port selection as-is.

If you have further questions, please reach out to us here:

Best regards,
Re: Cannot Register Machine 6/10/2024 7:37 PM
I've tried everything. The machine was deleted before I sent the original inquiry and deleted from the waste bin.
When I try to enter the license key on the machine, it keeps stating: "No signature for the license found."

I cannot register the machine no matter what I try.

I will contact customer support to get a refund on this. I'm not sure why it worked until I renewed the license last week but it doesn't.

Re: Cannot Register Machine 6/10/2024 7:47 PM

The SiteKiosk Android Classic app is already registered when it states, "Registered Version". You simply need to connect it to SiteRemote with your login under Settings>>Remote Monitoring. Under Settings>>Info and License>>Register Device, you will see your already activated device license. You are given the opportunity to activate a different license but if it already has a working license, you do not need to do this step again.

Best regards,
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