FAQ: Unlocking keyboard lock on Windows logon screen


With the help of the keyboard lock you can block all keyboard entries during the Windows startup process.
This will prevent the autologon process from being interrupted or altered. Should you nevertheless be forced to rescue your system in the event of an error, you can press the two emergency key combinations.

Whenever you press these two key combinations successively when the Windows logon dialog appears, the keyboard lock will be deactivated, and you will be able to use the keyboard again.

The predefined default combinations are:

Key combination 1
Ctrl left + Shift right + Backspace

Key combination 2
Alt + Shift right + Del

Pressing these two keyboard combinations one at a time will disable the keyboard lock and allow you to use your keyboard again.
Make sure to press the keys of each combination simultaneously.

You can modify these two combinations to any key combination you like. It is even possible to specify no value at all for the first two keys. In this connection, the follwing combination would be the easiest:

First key combination
no key + no key + 1

Second key combination
no key + no key + 2

Please do not run any risk and write down the key combination you selected!
Without these combinations you will hardly have any chance at all to gain access to your operating system in the event of an emergency.
For example, unless autologon is enabled when you log on to the network, no entries will be possible with the keyboard lock being activated. In a case like that, only the two keyboard combinations will make it possible for you to access the system again.

If this still does not solve your problem, try pressing the key combination CTRL + ALT + DEL twice.

If you see the classic Windows logon screen afterwards, this is not due to the SiteKiosk keyboard lock, but a problem caused by WindowsXP which may occur on several computers.
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