FAQ: SiteKiosk on Windows Terminal Server - is not supported anymore since SiteKiosk 8.91 / May 2015


SiteKiosk is designed to be installed on a Windows client system:

SiteKiosk on Windows Terminal Server is not supported anymore since SiteKiosk 8.91 / May 2015.

Since SiteKiosk 7.7 the SiteKiosk installer explicitly provides the option of installing SiteKiosk for use with terminal services.
(SK 8.x: Custom installation --> enable the checkbox at "Install SiteKiosk for usage with Terminal Server")
When enabling this function, you can start several instances of SiteKiosk at runtime.

However, there are restrictions in contrast to the conventional installation:
- The installation does not include the plug-ins required for payment functionality and video e-mail as the same piece of hardware is not capable of managing several instances at the same time.
- Also, the log files kept on all instances will only be written to one shared file (this also applies to SiteRemote).
- Furthermore SiteRemote is of limited use not generally recommended when running SiteKiosk on Windows Terminal Server.
- The key combination CTRL-ALT-DEL cannot be disabled.
- Other restrictions are possible.

Before purchasing SiteKiosk for terminal services, please test if the functions you require are working properly in your system environment.
When purchasing the license, please specify that you would like to use terminal services as this type of use requires a special license key.

Please observe the instructions in the installer when selecting this installation option.

- Furthermore follow these Instructions to install SiteKiosk for multisession Terminal Server access:
- The installation of SiteKiosk on a SiteRemote Server is not supported.

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