FAQ: Associate files with applications in the SiteKiosk file manager


You can start files with the application you like directly from the SiteKiosk file manager. To achieve this you just have to make
a small change to the file ..\SiteKiosk\skins\public\media\filemanager\xml\config.xml. Open it with an editor (e.g. Notepad) and
add an new extension section before the last existing one. The section can look like this, if you for example want to open a doc file with
Microsoft Office:

<extension types="doc">
     var WshShell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
     WshShell.Exec("C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office11\\winword.exe \"{1}\"");

You may have to change the program path to fit your own system. If you want to associate a number of file types with the same application you can just write them all to the types= part, separate them with commas (e.g. types="jpg,gif,png").

Note that the path to Winword has to match your system. The entry MUST be inserted before the entry

<extension types="*"> 

Proceed in the same way when specifying other file types, i.e. always set the path to the program that is supposed to open the extension.

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Re: Associate files with applications in the SiteKiosk file manager 11/19/2008 3:26 PM
Since SiteKiosk 6.5 Office files will be opened like configured in the Windows Explorer when double clicking them in the File Manager of SiteKiosk.

If you also want to open a specific file type extension like configured in the Windows Explorer you can add this file type to the following line of the config.xml (“...\SiteKiosk\Skins\Public\Media\FileManager\XML\”):

<extension types="doc,xls,ppt,pps,rtf,sxw,odt,dot,ods,sxc,odp,sxi,ott,stw,otp,sti" useregistry="true" />

Example for “zip”:

<extension types="doc,xls,ppt,pps,rtf,sxw,odt,dot,ods,sxc,odp,sxi,ott,stw,otp,sti,zip" useregistry="true" />

Please make sure that this file type is not specified at any other line in the XML file.
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