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Good morning,
our customer that runs many sitekiosk installation on their environment told us that starting from next months they stop to use internt explorer browser due for company policy reasons.
We don't know if they will unistall IE from PCs or if they disable IE using some domain policies but we would like to know if they could have some problems using their sitekiosk applications.
Sitekiosk configuration has been created using Internet Explorer as browser engine and Strat Screen Skin with Metro IE skin as browserskin.
We are not sure what will happens to their application if they will uninstall or disable IE from PCs.
The will maintain Microsoft Edge on that PCs so they ask to us to check if using Microsoft Edge browser instead Internet Explorer on the sitekiosk machines is enough to run sitekiosk applications whitout chenging the existing configuration.
Could you please answer this question?
Kind Regards

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Re: Question about IE Browser 11/9/2021 9:57 AM

Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question completely.

As far as we know, according to official Microsoft guidelines, it is not possible to remove Internet Explorer in such a way that the Internet Explorer Webbrowser control, which SiteKiosk uses, is no longer present and as far as I know, the Edge browser in IE mode also uses the IE web browser control.

However, depending on what your customer is doing exactly, if the IE Webbrowser Control stops working the IE Skins in SiteKiosk stop working as well.

Therefore, you should test the procedure on one computer first. Otherwise, SiteKiosk generally offers the Chrome browser skin that uses a Chromium CEF engine installed with SiteKiosk or your customer creates a separate OU with different policies for the kiosk computers.

Michael Olbrich
Re: Question about IE Browser 11/15/2021 3:19 PM
Dear Michael colud you please tell what is the IE component used by Sitekiosk to run the IE Skin?
I mean if you can tell us the name and where is stored inside the machine.
We could test if, after IE unistallation, this component still exixst or not.
Kind Regards
Re: Question about IE Browser 11/15/2021 3:54 PM

The public IE Webbrowser Control is provided by Microsoft to be used as a browser for other applications.

Further information here:

And here:

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