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Hi, i am trying to setup the sitekiosk at a self service kiosk for orders.I used the multiple apps. I added all the apps that i needed but when i am trying to launch the app it needs to press it many times and after of while it closed again.
I did the same setup at my tablet and it works fine.What would be wrong at the kiosk;

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Re: I can't open my app 9/15/2023 3:54 PM

This may be caused by the Android System on (e.g. check if the Android version is supported) or the performance of that device?
You can also check the log to see what happens exactly.
But I don't think it applies directly to SiteKiosk because it works on the other tablet.

Generally, SiteKiosk Classic Android is designed to be used on Tablet devices and supports Android 5 to Android 10. System requirements:

Or you may have a look at our new product SiteKiosk Online:
System requirements:
Also, because SiteRemote and SiteKiosk Classic are legacy products. They will only receive service updates (security updates and bug fixes) until the end of 2025.

SiteKiosk Online is designed from the ground up so that everything (except the startup mode of the client software) is configured on the SiteKiosk Online server (in the projects you can publish on the client computers).
With SiteKiosk Online, you can create interactive content as well as display scheduled and event-driven content.
The licensing of the client is also handled by the server and you no longer need to store any licensing information on the client.

We also offer upgrade licenses from SiteKiosk Classic to SiteKiosk Online (SiteKiosk Online Cloud - Upgrade):

You can test everything before you purchase any license.
Simply create a so-called team at

After creating and logging in to your team, you can create a new project under >Projects (e.g. with Browser Template), which can then be published to the SiteKiosk Online Client(s), that you have registered to the team.
The client software can be downloaded under >Dashboard>Downloads (there is client software for Windows and for Android).

System requirements:

There is also an online documentation available:

And here a PDF with more information about SiteKiosk Online:

Here you also find some tutorial videos about SiteKiosk Online:

But please generally note:
On Android devices, performance and stability depend heavily on the Android operating system installed on the device by the manufacturer.
Many manufacturers make individual changes to the Android operating system and these changes can have a significant impact on performance and stability.
The best test results with SiteKiosk Android are usually obtained with tablet devices, where the manufacturers make fewer changes to the original Google Android system.
On Samsung devices SiteKiosk also uses and supports Samsung Knox.

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