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we managed to activate the license to have sitekiosk online. However, now we don't know where it is possible to activate remote control to perform actions remotely. You can help us?
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Re: remote control of sitekiosk online 2/16/2024 9:10 AM

Smart Kiosk Control (to use a smartphone as an input device on the client terminal) can be enabled at >Settings>Smart Kiosk Control in the project.

If you need to access the client via remote desktop just go to >Monitoring>[Client]>Administration
Also see:

General notes:
After logging in to your team, you can create a new project under >Projects (e.g. with Browser Template), which can then be published to the SiteKiosk Online Client(s), that you have registered to the team.
The client software can be downloaded under >Dashboard>Downloads (there is client software for Windows and for Android).

System requirements:

There is also an online documentation available:

And here a PDF with more information about SiteKiosk Online:

Here you also find some tutorial videos about SiteKiosk Online:

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