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Hello Dear Support,

I'm currently using the trial version of SiteKiosk and I need your support.

I'm working with an Azure VM, which I tried to install the Client Installar by using the preconfigured installer.
Since then I'm not able to open it or uninstall it. So, what I did instead, I've decided to work with the webversion, because somehow the connection with the virtual machine works.
So I made my project, which now I would like to share with others in a remote session, but the "Project will be available as a website" option is not available for me when I click on publish.
So I thought I'd create user accounts, as many as I need and give to them access to the project, but when I do, the project is not available for that accounts.

I am very confused, and I would be very grateful for your help.

Kind Regards

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Re: Sitekiosk online sharing project 5/7/2024 3:21 PM

There is no known issue with the installation and uninstallation of the SiteKiosk Online Client on supported operating systems (please also see system requirements link below) and generally you can simply uninstall the SiteKiosk Online Client in the Windows Software / App menu like any other application (Settings > Apps > Apps & features).
But domain restrictions or other security software may affect the use of the SiteKiosk Online Client.

However, the "Project will be available as a website" option is an experimental feature that is still under development and is therefore not yet available.

So, you actually need to install & register a SiteKiosk Online client for publishing the project.
Since this has apparently already been done on your test VM (the preconfigured installer for Windows automatically registers the client with your team), you only need to start the Client to see the project which you have previously published or are still publishing to the Client.
(Later it would be advisable to use a real computer as a Client.)

When you create a new user, this user is in the Everyone user group and can see the projects unless you have explicitly restricted the access. The user role (e.g. User) must be added when the user is created so that they can log in at all.
Please see here for further information:

General notes.
With SiteKiosk Online everything, except for the start mode of the client software, is configured on the SiteKiosk Online server (in the projects you can publish on the client computers).

After creating and logging in to your team, you can create a new project under >Projects, which can then be published to the SiteKiosk Online Client(s), that you have registered to the team.

The client software can be downloaded under >Dashboard>Downloads (there is client software for Windows and for Android).
System requirements:

After installing the SiteKiosk Online Client & registering it with your team (there is also a client for Windows that automatically registers the client with your team), you can log in to your team at and publish the project.
Here is some more information about the client:

There is also an online documentation available:

And here a PDF with more information about SiteKiosk Online:

Here you also find some tutorial videos about SiteKiosk Online:

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