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Is there a method to configure the SiteKiosk.Startup.exe executable to go to AutoStart and configure the account the autostart uses? In SiteKiosk Classic we used skstartup.exe with an XML file to accomplish this. Does the same type of functionality exist in SiteKiosk Online?

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Re: Configure Autostart from command line 5/14/2024 9:58 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. You can find deployment options for SiteKiosk Online start-to-finish here:

There is a lot to cover but to answer your question directly, you can create a "startup.json" [no longer XML] in the client Start Options, >>Auto Start>>Settings>>Export. You will call the JSON file with this command:

 "C:\Program Files\SiteKiosk Online\SiteKiosk.Automation.exe" /i "<<C: PATH TO FILE>>\Startup.json"

In the start settings, you can customize whether you use another user of your choice to auto login or to enforce a keyboard lock during auto login, etc. Then, you export your current choices when finished. Hopefully, this helps.

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Re: Configure Autostart from command line 5/15/2024 3:11 PM

Thank you for the quick response. This answered my question, and this is now working as expected.
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