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We have a problem with displaying pages with a form and Google Recaptcha, it does not work.

I have tried your solution editing the script with <show-nav-error>false</show-nav-error>
but after that, I cannot load the configuration in Sitekiosk Configuration anymore... I must make a mistake.

I would like that the starting page works under Chrome (the page is not correctly displayed under Explorer...) and that it is possible to send the form... nothing extraordinary ;o)

Thank you for you help.

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Re: Recaptcha 8/18/2023 9:11 AM

I have tested the page with the actual SiteKiosk Classic Windows version and the page displays without any problem.

So, please make sure using the latest SiteKiosk Classic Windows version 9.9. with Chrome Browser Skin.
Version History:

The IE Skins are just still implemented for compatibility reasons – see FAQ:

Notes on updating SiteKiosk:

If you already use 9.9.6466 create a new SiteKiosk configuration where you just set the password to exit SiteKiosk and the start page URL and test again.

Please generally note: SiteRemote and SiteKiosk Classic are legacy products. They get service updates (security and bugfixes) only until the end of 2025.
Therefore, you may also have a look at our new product SiteKiosk Online:
With SiteKiosk Online, you can create interactive content as well as display scheduled and event-driven content.
Everything (except the start-up mode of the client software) is configured on the SiteKiosk Online server (in the projects you can publish on the client machines). The licensing of the client is also handled by the server.

You can test everything before you purchase any license.
Simply create a so-called team at

After creating and logging in to your team, you can create a new project under >Projects (e.g. with Browser Template), which can then be published to the SiteKiosk Online Client(s), that you have registered to the team.
The client software can be downloaded under >Dashboard>Downloads (there is client software for Windows and for Android).

System requirements:

There is also an online documentation available:

And here a PDF with more information about SiteKiosk Online:

Here you also find some tutorial videos about SiteKiosk Online:

Michael Olbrich
Re: Recaptcha 8/21/2023 3:03 PM

the page is displayed correctly, but the form cannot be sent. I think it is due to the recatpcha...
do you have a turnaround for Chrome ?

Thank you for your help
Re: Recaptcha 8/21/2023 3:16 PM

using the "Envoyer" button at the end of the page doesn’t work in any browser (tested outside of SiteKiosk with MS Edge, Chrome and Firefox).

So first make sure it works at least in Chrome Browser or MS Edge.
If that works and still not in SiteKiosk please send a step by step description about how to reproduce this issue.

Michael Olbrich
Re: Recaptcha 8/21/2023 4:35 PM

I am sorry, yes it works fine with Chrome, we have tested it with another recaptcha and everything is ok.
Sorry for my mistake.

Best regards
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