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Micro Excell Inc

Tel.: 256-547-8500
Fax.: 256-547-8509
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Micro Excell, Inc. is a privately held Alabama corporation established in 1992. There are several divisions of Micro Excell Inc.
The two major divisions are.

Micro Excell Computers has been building custom computer systems since 1992. Micro Excell computer systems are carefully assembled and tested by our experienced technicians and contain the latest world-class, brand name components to assure quality. Our product offering ranges from high performance powerhouse systems featuring single and dual processors to very economical home systems and notebooks. If a component you want is not on our price sheet, ask our salesman to provide you with a custom quote. All prices are in US dollars. Micro Excell accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, bank checks and personal checks in payment for systems and accepts purchase orders from approved corporate customers, municipalities, schools, and colleges. Why buy a Micro Excell system? We are committed to providing excellent customer support as well as outstanding products. We respond to email correspondence usually within one business day and our technicians are immediately available by telephone weekdays to assist every caller. Most importantly, we build our systems with new brand-name world-class components so you are assured of outstanding quality. www.microexcell.com

MicroXL.com is the internet division and has been operational for over 10 years. We provide hosting service nationwide. Co-location of servers for numerous large corporations. Email service, web design and several other services. Everything is housed in our Gadsden, Alabama location in a controlled, secured environment. At any given time MicroXl has approximately 30 state if the art servers running on
multiple redundant high speed internet lines. We run a combination of Microsoft Server and Linux based operating systems.


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