Monitoring of Fire Extinguishers


Monitoring of Fire Extinguishers

November 17, 2021

Improving fire safety and reducing costs with a kiosk-based fire extinguisher monitoring system.

PROVISIO was on site at the Best Medientechnik conference hosted by the Job Group, which took place in Hamburg, Germany, on November 2-3. This year’s event focused on discussing fire safety requirements for digital signage devices in light of inconsistent fire regulations. Due to the increasing digitalization of rooms and facilities through displays, fire prevention measures must be taken to minimize the risk from the added electrical systems. Different facilities, like industrial or retail, will have specific safety requirements which must also be taken into consideration.

The Job Group offers built-in fire protection solutions for this purpose. Extinguishing systems like the AMFE (Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguisher) protect kiosk devices such as self-service terminals and digital signage displays from fire by extinguishing it directly inside the device or installation. This safely prevents the fire from spreading.

The fire extinguisher can be monitored remotely with SiteKiosk and corresponding sensors inside the device. This provides continuous information about the status of the extinguishing system like if the AMFE been triggered or if there is enough pressure in the extinguishing unit so that SiteKiosk can continuously monitor whether the fire extinguisher is functional or not. If the unit is not functional, an alert message is sent via the SiteKiosk Server and a maintenance routine can be created. In this way, maintenance and control costs can be optimized. The constant monitoring of the system with the remote management and monitoring functions of SiteKiosk reliably reduces the risk of fire spreading.

Some SiteKiosk partners are already using this new technology in their hardware. Contact us for further information.