FAQ: How does the data transfer for digital signage and File Manager Synchronization work


The file manager / digital signage content is downloaded to the clients (SiteKiosk) via HTTPS from SiteRemote server.

For Windows clients, this can also be done via Torrent distribution as an option (the default setting is HTTPS). To use Torrent distribution, login and go to the tab "-> Administration -> Settings" then uncheck the box labeled "Transfer files via secure HTTP (HTTPS) to the machines".
Android clients always use HTTPS download.

On the client (SiteKiosk) two folders are always used for synchronization / Digital Signage.
Windows (Default):
1. „C:\Users\Public\Documents\SiteRemote\Sync“
2. „C:\Users\Public\Documents\SiteRemote\Sync.Temp“
Android (Default):
1. \storage\sdcard0\SiteKiosk\data\SiteRemote\Sync
2. \storage\sdcard0\SiteKiosk\data\SiteRemote\Sync.Temp
The destination folder above "Sync" and "Sync.Temp" can be changed using a job which can be run on multiple client machines or on the Software page of a specific client machine.

The publishing / synchronization process runs in four steps:
1. The client connects to SiteRemote Server receives the information that data is ready for download.

2. All the files and folders that have been selected for synchronization / digital signage are downloaded into the folder "Sync.Temp".

3. If all files and folders are successfully downloaded to the SiteKiosk client, they are then copied from the "Sync.Temp" directory to the "Sync" directory.

If there is a file or folder that cannot be copied from Sync.Temp into the Sync directory (for example, because the file is in use), it will try again later (e.g. when you restart SiteKiosk or the computer).

4. When this process is complete, the client reports the status to SiteRemote during the next contact interval and the publishing / synchronization process is considered complete.

The difference in a permanent sync with the File Manager through SiteRemote is that the process is carried out continuously for every change to files or folders in synchronization path as opposed to a one-time sync. With the permanent sync, only the updated or new files are downloaded to the Client.

The information that the content was successfully transferred to the client machines is reported at the earliest during the second connection interval after publishing the content.

With the 5 minute default connection interval, the message that the content was successfully delivered can be delivered at the earliest after 10 minutes (regardless of how fast the download worked).

In your SiteRemote team account you can adjust the connection interval under "Administration -> Settings -> reporting intervals -> default interval" down to a minimum of two minutes.

- Check if the required ports are open in the firewall settings when connecting to the Internet
See: https://www.provisio.com/en-US/CustomerSupportCenter/ArticleDetails.aspx?ArticleID=461
The default Windows Firewall does not require special settings.

- Information about the current sync process is also available in SiteKiosk logs and in the sync log at the bottom of Software submenu page of the client (-> Monitoring -> Software).

- If you are using video for a digital signage display, please read this FAQ article:

- Make sure when using Digital Signage that you have not also activated a permanent Sync for the Campaigns folder in the File Manager of SiteRemote.
The Campaigns folder is a special folder for the Digital Signage campaigns.
A sync on this folder already occurs with the Digital Signage function so an additional sync through the File Manager will cause a conflict.

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