FAQ: Registering SiteKiosk on several computers without entering the code!


With the help of the tool Regedit.exe you can generate .reg files which you will only have to run on other computers later on to register SiteKiosk with your registration code as well as to run a certain SiteKiosk configuration file on all computers.

Of course, the configuration file must be located in the same directory on all computers.

Please proceed as follows:
Open the program "regedit.exe" by means of Start/Run.Select the function "Export Registry File" from the menu under Registry.
Enter a filename of your choice and the selected area you want to save: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ProVisioSave the file in the location of your choice.
Copy the file to another computer. Double-clicking the file will open it, and the information will be transferred to the registry.

It will not be necessary to perform another registration by means of the registration dialog box.
However, you will of course have to dispose of the corresponding number of licenses...

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