FAQ: SiteCoach is blocking pages of actually harmless content


SiteCoach now includes an internal list of domains that will automatically be forbidden, i.e. blocked.

However, there might possibly be domains among them that can be deemed harmless.

Under "Customize" in the SiteCoach dialog box (Plus-/Payment Bundle-->Content Filter-->Custonize) you can enter Web sites under the option "URLs excluded from filtering" which you want to be admitted in all cases, i.e. that will be displayed even if these pages contain content morally damaging to minors.
This might be reasonable, for example, in connection with chat servers.

It is almost impossible to filter all pages containing content harmful to young people. Should you come across a Web page which was accidentally not blocked, please send us this URL by E-Mail.
The same goes of course for a page with harmless content that was wrongfully blocked. We will take care of these pages with an update of the SiteCoach database.

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