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I just updated my sitekiosk to version 9.8, since this update I got some issues on my chrome skin when it come to opening pdf files on new tabs. This issue happen on the website and every time I try to open a pdf file from that website the new tabs is created but the only it only try load the pdf indefinitely.

I just verified my conf file, downloads are allowed, pdf files are set on "open on SiteKiosk" and are opened automaticaly when it is downloaded, I have my scheme for blob protocol with allowed set on true and I have disabled the limit download size.

I also checked the logfile and it dosen't seem to return any error when I open the pdf files

Do you have any idea to help me ?


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Re: PDF file on Chrome skin 1/21/2021 9:47 AM

Can you please also send a step by step guide to reproduce this via e-mail and a current SiteKiosk log file (with the information at which time the problem occurred)?
Then we can test and check.
E-Mail: support-europe(at)

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