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Just purchased this license and using new version of Sitekiosk and when we setup KIOSK to START ONCE to test the setup, never starts, gives a white background with cursor spinning and nothing happens. In fact we can't even get out of it, windows 10 is not responding. We have to press power button to turn off machine to reset windows.

I tried setting the browser to IE and under IE, START ONCE I can see IE starts a bit and freezes, with Chrome is never starts, gets frozen in white screen.

How can we troubleshoot this issue? I don't want to put it in KIOSK mode and then won't be able to unlock windows if Sitekiosk is locking on START ONCE event.

Thank You

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Re: SiteKiosk gets stuck on START ONCE 5/26/2021 2:44 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. There are no known issues with using the current SiteKiosk version on Windows 10. There are environmental factors that could affect how SiteKiosK is started. You should still check "Auto Start" mode (uses a local standard user account). There might be a limitation on your admin account if you are part of a domain. I will send an email on how to get SiteKiosk out of "Auto Start" mode if it also fails.

We are aware of these 3 specific cases where a problem may occur when starting SiteKiosk (also applies to Start once):
1. SiteKiosk was installed without the appropriate Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable (only happens if you use the MSI file instead of SiteKiosk9.exe)
2. If you have reactivated the Windows account "Administrator" (with the name Administrator) and start SiteKiosk in this account
3. You are connected via Windows Remote Desktop at that time:
Because: Windows RDP and SiteKiosk interfere with each other and SiteKiosk will not start in "Start once" mode. (you only see the Watchdog background when starting SiteKiosk in “Start once” mode). The only workaround is using another remote desktop application OR activating the “Auto start” mode and only access the machine via RDP again after reboot and SiteKiosk startup

Otherwise, there might be any other security tools installed (e.g. Antivirus) or domain/group policy set that prevents the startup of SiteKiosk.

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Re: SiteKiosk gets stuck on START ONCE 5/26/2021 2:53 PM

I am unable to find an email address for you. Please send a message to support-america(at) referencing this post to receive a reply with the promised information.

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Re: SiteKiosk gets stuck on START ONCE 5/26/2021 5:52 PM
Ok I will send the email, however none of those options apply to my scenario. I installed from exe and I am running an account with full admin rights, and this is not an AD PC, just a regular windows 10. We use SiteKiosk in other PCs just fine. I will wait for your email so I can try the auto start and see if we can get that going and report back. Thanks
Re: SiteKiosk gets stuck on START ONCE 5/26/2021 6:17 PM

The email instructions has been sent. Please be sure to test a default configuration file as well. If the issue happens in both Start Once and Auto Start mode or still only persists in Start Once mode, please reply with the following from the affected computer:

-What is the SiteKiosk version?
-What is the Windows 10 version and variant.
-SiteKiosk Configuration files - C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Config (*.skcfg files, ignore *.skcfg.local)
-SiteKiosk Log files - C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Logfiles (yyyy-mm-dd.txt files)
-A zip file of SiteKioskNG.log - C:\Users\<your running user>\AppData\Local\Temp (generates when SiteKiosk runs.)
-Windows Event Viewer logs (Application and System)
-A Screenshot of installed programs.

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